Thursday, March 17, 2011

T Shirts Now Available

Buddha Abides eleventh annual art exhibition is only a month and a half away.

Beautiful posters can be seen all around town, now. Post cards are being sent out.

And 2011 T shirts are now available!

The women's T is a rich teal color with bright olive green printing. This is a traditional Japanese color combination. The T has 3/4 sleeves and a high V-neck. I personally attach a glittery rhinestone to the center of the logo. This is the nicest T we have ever had.
100% soft cotton. Cost $25.

The men's T is the classic American Apparel short sleeve T in pale gray with vermilion (kind of an orange-red) printing. 100% soft cotton. Cost $20

Most important remember $1 per T goes to our charities!

I got the Ts on Wednesday and already about 10 of the 3 dozen printed have sold. So go to the
gallery a.s.a.p. so you can be sure to get your T, too. The gallery is in the corner of the mini shopping plaza across from the Arlington Theater. Ask David Beardon to help you. Please make checks out to Lark Batteau.

Wear them everywhere you go to let people know about our wonderful show and the charities for whom we raise money.

Thanks for your participation.