Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Needed Information

Well, I've been receiving a lot of emails informing me that people have not been able to get the information they need from our blog. Very sorry about this. We are in the process of fixing the links so that the info is accessible.

In the meantime, here are the basics:

The Frameworks and Caruso/Woods Fine Art Gallery is our host
813 Anacapa Street (805) 965 1812

Receiving of entries: Sat. April 24, 9-11am
Judging: Sat. April 24, 11-1pm
Posting of accepted works, pick up: Sat. April 24, 1-3pm
Opening reception: Sat. May 1, 5-7pm

5 x 5's are $5 per entry, maximum of 5 entries.
5 x 5's will all sell for $55
Other pieces, $15 per entry. Maximum of 3 entries.
Minimum total payment, $15
All entry fees are non-refundable.
Make check payable to Lark Batteau

All entries will be considered for sale. Maximum sale price is $3,500. Caruso/Woods Fine Art, in consultation with the judges and artist, reserve the right to assess prices. Caruso/Woods Fine Art will handle all sales and sales tax. A commission of 40% will go to the artist, 20% to charity, 30% to the gallery, and 10% to the curator.

Looking forward to being surprised and delighted,