Sunday, March 30, 2008


Thomas and I went for a walk after the busy day of receiving entries for the show yesterday. We've been buddies since the early nineties, continuously participating in Tibetan Buddhist studies and events here in Santa Barbara. I'm grateful for all for the times we set up chairs, and hung tankas and lit incense and carried tables and collected donations and created flyers and discussed priorities and laughed and cried and carried on. The Buddha Abides might never have happened if it weren't for this friendship.

This evening I was reading some of the letters I've received from the Tibetan children we've been supporting for the last eight years in Dharamsala, India. Their sweetness, sincerity, determination and pride in their culture comes through loud and clear every time. I am so glad that we can help them in our small way, with the donations which come from a percentage of the sales of the Buddha Abides art show.

This would not be possible without the generosity and creativity of Santa Barbara artists. So I want to say Thank You to all the artists who brought their work to the gallery yesterday. It is really you who are making the biggest difference here. Although we could not accept every piece, never-the-less, the very act of participating by submitting an entry provided a contribution toward out ability to help those in need.

This coming Saturday, April 5th, will be the eighth year for our little exhibition. It's always been a joyous party, so I hope you can come join in the festivities this year. The work is as usual whimsical, moving, intriguing and divine.

Let it be,