Sunday, March 14, 2010

10th Year

2010 Buddha Abides

Can you believe it? We are in our 10th year! Just around the corner is our opening on May 1st.

So much fabulous art has been shown in the welcoming space of the Frameworks and Caruso Woods Gallery. Through thick and thin, fires and recessions we’ve managed to go on, yes, abiding. Not necessarily calmly, as a good Buddhist should, yet, abide we do. Kind of like most humans, I strive toward relaxed, focused, smooth-flowing activities, full of clarity and intention.

This never happens.

I am always somewhat pressed for time, doing too many things at once, my mind hopping about like the sparrows outside my window. The miracle is, stuff gets done! Amazing grace, I think. So now, here I am in the midst of divorce (horrible heartache), house repairs (quite thrilling really), taxes (tedious) and tenants (quite stable I’m glad to say) and I’ve just forced myself to sit down and write.

I really am excited about this years show. Only because every year for 10 years I’ve been surprised, delighted, touched and even moved to raucous laughter. So it is certain to be no different this year. Hope you are all ‘at it’ surprising yourselves with beauty. Last year was phenomenal in that even though we were in a recession, we raised more money for our two charities than any other year. Let’s go for it!

We’re doing the 5”X5”s again, a little different structure (see the application form), but still making them completely affordable.

Looking forward to seeing your luminous faces and resplendent art. Until then, be well, be happy and never, ever, ever give up.

Yours truly,