Sunday, May 31, 2009

Show Extended!

We have extended the show through the first week of June. This Thursday, June 4th is now our First Thursday Event.

Due to the unbelievably ferocious Jesusita Fire in Santa Barbara that first week of May, First Thursday had to be canceled. After all, 30% of our population was evacuated!

Everything has settled down since then, especially the ashes, which could have caused dreadful air and a lot of problems for those with respiratory situations. We have never been so grateful for all the fog we've been getting.

We are also grateful for all the sales of artwork this last month. In spite of recessions and fires people still need beauty to sustain them and still want to contribute to the welfare of others.

If you didn't have a chance to visit the gallery, this is the last week to do so. Many absolutely fabulous works of art are still available to entrance and enthrall you.

There will be a fun party this Thursday. Come and enjoy all the Buddhists frolicking about.



So go view the gallery this week before the show comes down.