Thursday, May 08, 2008

5"X 5" for $50

Announcing a New Category! 5x5 for $50

Because our economy is what it is at this time, I thought we needed to do something fun and inviting and affordable to bring in fresh, new energy to Buddha Abides 2009.

So here's the idea, every artist who submits at least one piece to the show, is invited, with no submission fee, to submit one to three pieces at precisely 5” X 5” dimension. That's five inches by five inches, framed or unframed, ready to hang. Each piece will sell for $50 with the same financial split as for all the other works.

We will hang all the pieces together in a big grid. This will be a marvelous addition to our show, making it possible for more people to buy some art and help us support the education of our ward, Tenzin Lotay at the Tibetan Children's Village in India, and the women and children of Santa Barbara's Domestic Violence Solutions.

A few weeks ago I was at a party at Thomas' house. Lots of people in funny hats talking, laughing, eating, you know, the usual. Well, I met an interesting woman named Sue Fowler who works for Direct Relief International. My hats off to her, because that company provides enormous support to millions of people around the world. Feeling a little small, I squeeked, "I put on an art show that provides a few hundred dollars to support one Tibetan boy in India. I know it's not very significant". Sue retorted, " To that one boy it's pretty significant..."

Let's be pretty significant this year to Tenzin, shall we?

Can't wait to see all the beautiful, crazy, strange, irreverent and magnificent art you present come April 25th! (Opening will be Saturday, May 2nd) Better get cracking...

Infinitely Curious,