Tuesday, February 08, 2011

New Gallery

As my mother always says, "Life is Never Dull". So, another bump in the road has me jumping in a lively way! Caruso/Woods Gallery has closed. It was a shock when I heard the rumor a few weeks ago. The end of an era. We have put on the Buddha Abides art exhibition in collaboration with them for ten years. Through deaths, several owners, fires and recessions, we have remained connected, stalwart and successful.

Because they hosted us after the fire a few years ago, I approached Frank Goss about collaborating with his gallery. Because he had artists already lined up for shows in May, he declined our request. Already the end of January and no gallery...

I was prepared to write a sad letter that we were not going to hold the event this year. What with losing our gallery and at the same time quitting my job and starting a new business, it just felt overwhelming to go running around looking for a new host.

I went to meet my friend Robin for tea at Renaud's Patisserie. I'd been barely managing mini panic attacks around starting a new business and needed my dear old friend to talk to! We've known each other since the 70's. She has seen it all with me, and could tell that I was nervous and scared when I called her. She knew just what to say. I could breath again!

Anyway, while waiting for Robin, as so often happens in my life, a little miracle occurred. In spite of my breathing problems and nerves, I popped into the Santa Barbara frame Shop and Gallery in the corner of the plaza. The owner, David Beardon, was sitting at his desk. I mentioned our show, our situation, and the need for another gallery to host it. I suggested he look at our blog to get a sense of what we do to see if he might be interested.

Yesterday, we had a meeting and went over particulars.

Now, we are so VERY pleased to announce that Santa Barbara Frame Shop and Gallery has stepped forward to host our little Buddhist celebration and fund raiser!

Perhaps this is short notice for many artists. Perhaps you already have created, or have an idea for a piece for our Eleventh Annual Buddha Abides? I certainly hope so.

The show is now scheduled for the month of May. Opening reception will be Saturday, May 7th. In-gathering of art will be, as usual, the Saturday before: April 30th.

We will be updating the downloadable (is that a word?) guidelines and application forms by next week.

Let's give a big THANK YOU to Christie and David of The Frameworks and Caruso/Woods Gallery for being our host and partner all these years. Although their gallery has closed, they will continue to do framing in the little studio behind the former Patti Look Lewis Gallery in the middle of the block. We wish them good fortune for the future.

So, it's time to get out the paints and crayons and sissors and clay and beads and junk and rocks and enamel and marble and cloth and make something beautiful!!!

Charles Darwin said that it is not the strongest or the most intelligent beings that survive but those that can adapt and change.