Sunday, April 22, 2007

Fire in the Gallery!

Last Wednesday morning there was a terrible fire in the Frameworks Gallery. It started in the little printshop and proceeded into the other four businesses, and upstairs dwelling as well. Sadly, although no humans were harmed, our dear gallery cat, Danny De la Guerra, perished in the smoke. See:

Christi Westerhouse (gallery owner) has received an enormous outpouring of support from the community. Meanwhile, many connected with the gallery are still in shock and grief and I am staying in touch with them and giving what solace I can.

It is really important to Christi to keep The Frameworks as an identifyable business going, so her husband David, Brian, Thomas and I are doing all we can to have the 7th Annual Buddha Abides take place in the same timeline, if in a different, but nearby location.

Here is the current plan:
Saturday, (as before) April 28th we will still have the intake of art. This will take place at the gallery of Patti Look Lewis ( located at 36 East De La Guerra Street)
We will then store the art at Sullivan Goss Gallery on Anapamu Street
On May 3rd, the first Thursday, (as before), we will have an 'open air' artists' reception in the Casa de La Guerra just opposite De La Guerra Plaza, just half a block East from State Street.
We are figuring out how to hang the art on the three covered walkway walls that contain the space, as well as asking artists to provide easels if they have them.

The fire's personal impact to me was of course MUCH less than to the gallery:
However, two dozen Buddha Abides T-shirts where destroyed in the fire, as well as the 2,500 postcards that we usually send out. Brian and I are going to see if we can re-do some of the postcards at a reduced rate. I will have some more T-shirts done and plan to give 10% of the sales from them to the Frameworks Gallery. (5% as well still goes to our charities.)

Please submit that wonderful art you've been working on, and/or come to the opening at Casa De la Guerra, from 5 to 8pm on Thursday, May 3rd and celebrate the 7th Annual Buddha Abides (becasue he still does) and the recreation of The Frameworks, Caruso/Woods Fine Art, up from the ashes.

As the Buddha Shakyamuni said and life continues to remind us time and again, 'change is constant' and 'everything is transitory'. With this in mind I would like to say how much I appreciate all those who have helped us during this challening time and remind you to kiss the ones you love, inhale the sweeping sky and cherish the delicate moments. There is nothing you can do to keep it from changing. You can only appreciate the beauty that is in front of you and say thank you right now.