Monday, April 10, 2017

Change is Constant

To All My Dear Bodhisattvas in Training,

Well, here’s the big news

I’ve decided not to present a Buddha Abides art exhibition this year.

There are many reasons for this decision. And I know many of you will be disappointed… perhaps are already creating something marvelous and don’t know where to you will be able to show it? Or like an acquaintance I met at the Public Market who just loves to attend every year with her husband, “Because it’s fun.”

Please know that for these last 16 years it has truly been a joy to share the love with all you artists and artistic appreciators and Bodhisattvas in training.

Thousands of people have reveled in the happiness of our opening nights, wandered in unexpectedly from the street and been awed, inspired, uplifted, humored… and none of that would have ever happened with out your participation.

For gallery owners, to artists, buyers, event planners (Thomas et moi), graphic designer (Brian), singers (thanks to Mujiba and her goddesses) it was always my goal that everybody wins: From the magical act of creating art out of nothing, to sharing it with others and bringing joy that way, to making a little money, to studying and learning both the transcendent and practical aspects of Buddhist thought, to applying it to our lives in all directions creating a more loving world.

In our little corner of the world called Santa Barbara, this goal was attained. 
For that I am proud, grateful and amazed.

Keep creating. Keep being wise and kind. Keep a sense of humor. In those lagging moments when you feel terribly less than enlightened, ask yourself, “What would the Dalai Lama do?” Giggle, cry, be brave, ask for help, stand up, act up, speak up and never ever, ever give up.

In conclusion, from the sparkly and glowing center of my divine heart to yours, I say “Thank you.”

We all rise together… Always,


P.S. Our boy, Tenzin Lotay has graduated! I’ve included a letter he sent me in December about his next level of education in the field of hospitality.

I still plan to send money to support another Tibetan child refugee through a year of school at the Tibetan Children’s Village.  If you would like to contribute to that, I am happy to include any donation you make in with mine. I will be sending my donation in June.

If you would like to make your own separate substantial charitable donation and receive TCV’s code for tax purposes, just send your check to:

Tibetan Children’s Village  
Dharamsala Cantt.- 176216
Distt. Kangra, H.P INDIA

Attention: Mrs. Tashi Lungrig