Thursday, July 16, 2015

Buddha Abides Awards

I am not calling the awards 'Best in Show', ‘Runner up’ and so forth, because as you well know, beauty is so subjective. Of course each of these pieces is well made. The choices comes from asking myself, “Which moves me the most, touches my heart, makes me think, or brings up some kind of bubbling joy from deep within?”

Here they are:
Awakening Buddha award:  $100 goes to: Buddha's Blessing by Marlene Roberts Blossoming
Bodhisattva award: $50 goes to: Center of Any Road by Perry Hoffman
Teardrop of Tara award: $25 goes to: Inner Garden by Hazel

As an entity in its entirety the 2015 show was gloriously uplifting!
With Appreciation,

Buddha's Blessing by Marlene Roberts Blossoming

Center of Any Road by Perry Hoffman

Inner Garden by Hazel