Friday, February 26, 2016

Featured Artist on Poster

Inner Garden by HaZel
A beautiful mandala by HaZel will bless the 2016 Buddha Abides poster. About her, in her own words:

“...For me, creating art is a spiritual and meditative practice. Since childhood I have always thought about and pondered the ways of the universe that has no beginning and no end. When creating I feel connected to the cosmic source of all that is.

I have been blessed to be in the presence of His Holiness the Dalai Llama. I have been graced to attend a Green Tara purification ceremony conducted by monks from Tibet. These were wonderful, deep and powerful healing experiences. I treasure the hours I spent at the Maitreya heart shrine relic tour. 

Other influences that resonate through my soul and into daily life are from the many years I spent participating in Native America spiritual ceremonies.  I traveled to Kauai for a week long art retreat facilitated by visionary artist, Paul Huessenstamm. These events in my life are all part of the matrix that influences me as an artist.

Beauty Way work is important. The world is full of pain, suffering and sadness. I like to think that if the reality of the world that we are in is the result of group consciousness then by creating beauty I can be part of healing and changing of the world even as I heal myself. Definitely grass roots work.

Creating art along with teaching  the body mind  fitness practices of Nia and Pilates brings me to the integration of Body, Mind, Emotion and Spirit. Finding balance and integration I step through an open door to healing and transformation. 

In the realm of body, creating art is a sensual and visceral  activity.  Each painting or sculpture  is like giving birth to a constantly blooming flower of life.

I find great satisfaction exercising my mind with the analytical process to problem solve, grappling with issues of composition, design and color. 

Mind is also home to the fields of imagination, a place where there are no boundaries. Creating art is a playful and shape shifting environment where I like to hang and where I find peace. I enjoy dabbling and creating illusion.

When focused on my creative projects, I let go of  all distractions, fear and anxiety. My emotions are calm when I find center and balance.