Thursday, June 11, 2015

Buddha Abides - Opening 2015

On First Thursday, so many wonderful Buddhist-themed artworks filled the Casa Gallery, along with hundreds of people enjoying the view, the joyous ambiance, and of course, the mystical music provided by Mujiba and her troupe called BlesSing! The six goddesses wore bright silk saris, glittering floral headdresses and to add magic to the mystery, puffy golden wings.

After I pranced thru the space yelling, “The Goddesses are coming! The Goddesses are coming!” They serenely snaked through the throng, brass, begging-bowls held aloft, inviting anyone and everyone to make a donation. All that was collected ($150.83) goes to the Tibetan Children’s Village in Dharamsala, India. This contribution along with the 25 % from the sale of art will support our little boy, Tenzin Lotay, through yet another school year.

Several pieces have already been sold, so if you were unable to get there last Thursday, be sure to visit soon. The show is only up until June 26th.

I also recommend to those that were at the opening to go back and take the time to really look and allow the beauty and power of the works to sink into your hearts and minds.

Big thanks to Kerry Methner and Mark Whitehurst for hosting this 15th Annual show in their spacious, downtown Casa Gallery; and to Thomas Tarleton, who has been by my side all these years, laughing with me, and holding me up when I’m fumbling and bumbling, trying to figure out what’s next. He also created the beautiful poster!

AND, last but not least, BIG thanks to all the artists who so graciously and generously provided their time, effort, talent, love and skill to create something beautiful, poignant, even irreverent, just to make a point about not taking things too seriously…very Buddhist. Whether they all were accepted or not into the show this year, their art matters and we couldn’t do what we do without them.

I’ll be at the gallery, Saturday the 13th, from 12noon until 5:00pm. So come on by and enjoy the show, say hello, and buy some art, a T-shirt… or just make a donation, all of which I will add to what we send to The Tibetan Children’s Village.

With Infinities of Gratitude,

Lark Batteau Curator