Thursday, May 22, 2014

Buddha Abides 2014 Is ON!

Well, It’s happening!

Even though I am living in Paris, Buddha Abides 2014 will be opening in Santa Barbara at the Art From Scrap Gallery on June 27th!

It was really important for me to have the continuity of the show, but didn’t know quite how I was going to make it happen. Then one day, Bill O’Malley suggested he run it for me. Wow! Out of the blue. What a gift. What a guy!

He’s spent a lot of time searching for gallery space and after much persistence, conversation and persuasion, Art From Scrap has agreed to host us.

I have been in steady conversation with Bill (who used to have his own gallery), Thomas Tarleton (my long-term Buddha Abides partner), and Jill Cloutier, (who runs Art From Scrap), and they will be co-managing the event.

We are working as fast as we can: Thomas has updated the entry forms and applications forms and I’ve edited them from here. I chose some past artwork to Thomas so he can make the poster.

I know this is pretty darn short notice. Better late than never! But most importantly, I am now hoping that you have some marvelous art you wish to enter into and bless the show with this year?

Intake is June 22nd
Opening reception June 27th
Show will run through Aug 4th

Forms, as always, are downloadable from the blog:

In rapt anticipation!