Monday, April 28, 2014

Buddha Abides 2014

Well, here’s the poop.

Ever since I put up a poster of Jean Paul Belmondo on my bedroom wall when I was sixteen, I’ve fantasized about living in Paris: running around the city of cobbled-stone streets, steep staircases, Art Nouveau buildings and Le Tour Eiffel, speaking French d’argot (slang) fluently, dancing along the Seine, singing in dark cafés, eating baguettes, goat cheese and red wine, waking up in a seriously rumpled bed next to a French man with a beat-up nose…

You know.

So in March, after selling my house in Ventura, multiple garage sales and giveaways, storing what was left of my belongings, selling my car and having a big going away Art party where I performed with my Salsa and Flamenco friends and sang French songs with accordion accompaniment, I flew to Paris.

I have yet to realize all my dreams, but I am determined! And, of course, there are always so many surprises along the way. For example, after months of scrambling to find a place to live, the sister of a friend of a friend of mine in Boston is renting me a room in her ground-floor apartment in the 11th Arrondissment. She moved to Paris from Vietnam when she was just twelve years old, getting out of Saigon just in time. She is a Buddhist, too. If I am still in France in July, we plan to spend a week at Plum Village with Thich Nat Han. Who knew?

So I live with Minh and her two little boys, Raphael and Doryann who call me ‘Meu-lette’ (How the French pronounced Meleth, my actual christened name) and babble away in unintelligible French all the time, sneak into my room at every opportunity, “Je veux regard le Buddha” (There’s a little Buddha statue Minh put on the shelf above my desk) they explain. Ha! I love to sit in the tiny kitchen with them and their Maman, at their tiny children’s table and eat Pho.

Meanwhile, back at the Santa Barbara ranch, what is happening with Buddha Abides 2014?

Well, Bill O’Mally. Thomas Tarleton and I talked before I left and made a plan so that they would put on the show for me this year. Unfortunately, the gallery space in Arlington Plaza is no longer available, and they’ve been unable to find a suitable venue. They are still looking, of course.

As soon as they locate a space and figure out the timing, we do plan to create Buddha Abides 2014. Until then, I hope you carry on creating your beautiful Buddhist creations and cultivate a good heart and clear mind.

I may well be back to put the show on myself, as at this point I only have a tourist visa of three months. I’ll keep you posted.

May my wild and crazy move to realize a dream inspire you to do the same?

We all rise together!

Mille Bisoux,