Monday, April 30, 2012

2012 Buddha Abides Opening Event

The day after I decided to include Performance Art in the 2012 Buddha Abides art exhibit, not having any idea how that would work out, synchronistically Mujiba sent an e-mail out to all her women friends to see who would be interested in bringing in the divine feminine to bless the planet.

I immediately e-mailed back and said, “I’m in!”

We have been practicing every Monday afternoon for weeks and weeks, learning her brilliant arrangements of all the chants and songs she chose. (The insuppressible Jules and I improvised a few harmonies here and there…) She lead us with a drum on shamanistic journeys to connect with these beings of light, to get a sense of their spirit and how we can manifest that in our voices and costumes, and to find the qualities we want to cultivate. (I got ‘lots of pearls’ for White Tara and Wisdom and Equanimity.)

Several years ago my family had a grand reunion in Northern Spain. We flew into Barcelona and wandered down the Ramblas, witnessing all those “Living Statues”. I saw them outside The Uffizi in Florence, Italy as well later on during that same trip. My sister created some modern style statues with a grant from South Station in Boston, Massachusetts: bronzed people dressed in business clothes with cell phones and violins stood still on top of a large box, while commuters rushed by.

I thought it would be great to have Living Statues of Tara at Buddha Abides.

Mujiba and I merged our visions. Her friend donated the use of spectacular gem colored saris. Evergreen in Ojai made the glorious headdresses that seemed to magically enhance the Taras’ presence. Marvelous women gave of their hearts to make it all happen: Mujiba, Kris, Oceanna, Jules, Stephanie, River, Beverley, Cathy, and Suna.

Then, at the Opening there were all of YOU. Wow! We could barely keep our tears back when everyone (over 200?) starting singing Let It Be with us, then We Have All Been Here Before and finally that great OM that hit us like a great wave of love-joy.

Afterward, the calm and humorous Buddha inspired poetry presented by Santa Barbara's first Poet Laureate, Mr. Barry Spacks, and the sweet and tender Sonia Lindstrom provided the perfect counterpoint to deepen our hearts and hold lightly our excitement.

If you missed the Opening, go view the wonderful art that will be up until June 2nd. It is varied and fabulous. Go buy some. Get a 5 X 5. They are only $75! And remember, 20% of our profits go to our charities Santa Barbara Domestic Violence Solutions and the Tibetan Children’s Village in Dharamsala, India.

Thank you for your participation no matter where or when or how, and for making this truly the best Buddha Abides ever.

I am still slightly off the ground.

With love and appreciation,