Sunday, March 12, 2006

Buddha Abides' Past Lives


“…Wandering through this pleasant artistic garden, the viewer might well reflect on the interactive nature of the art and the religious ideology at which the art takes aim.

Whereas other religions, by their nature, could be more concerned about art which sometimes takes a light, loose view of its sacred traditions, Buddhism emphasizes acceptance and tolerance.

In part, that very aspect of the ideology account for the number of artists who have embraced this spiritual tradition – and also why Frameworks [Gallery] never has a lack of entries for the show, well on its way to becoming a local institution.”

Josef Woodard. June 2005

“This third annual Buddha Abides show, Santa Barbara’s most enduring contributory show, in which some of the city’s more well-known artists capture the spirit of Buddha in historical, spiritual, ironic, and comic interpretations…”

Josef Woodard. March 2003

“…Christi Westerhouse knew that she was inheriting a respected tradition in the Santa Barbara art scene when she took over the well-known frame shop/gallery…establishing both a continuity of commercial identity and a kind of tracery back through its history…a lingering tradition in this space is the group exhibition known as “Buddha Abides”, a rallying point for artists riffing off the general theme of Buddhism and its deities…”

Josef Woodard. May 2003

“Religious art is based on meditation of emblems and icons of devotion. Art about religious art goes one loop further, confusing the line between contemplation, irony, and reportage. Thus, thoughts become muddled – most delightfully so – in the second annual Buddha Abides exhibition at Caruso/Woods [Fine Art]…”

Josef Woodard. May 2002

“…Rubbing tummies aside, the Buddha Abides show over at Frameworks gallery, featuring 26 or so artists, is a mixture of Eastern aesthetics and calculated creativity, with a shot of nirvana (aspired to) and a twist of Western irony…”

Duncan Wright. May 1999